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This Tech Evolution Speech by Bill Gates Exudes Accurate Projections

 - Sep 27, 2012
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The tech evolution speech by Bill Gates, which he delivered in 2006 at the Microsoft Business Innovation Event, provides an accurate projection of the products to emerge over the next five years. Gates begins his keynote by commenting on the fact that the computer is getting much smaller. Portable devices such as the laptop and mobile phone is becoming smaller, lighter and thinner. He even makes mention of a tablet-like product to be released over the next five years, a product that can be held and read like a single sheet of paper.

He goes on to discuss the versatility of these products and their ability to transform the curriculum for students. Mobile phones will no longer be used for sending messages and calls, but storing schedules, media and maps. Gates' tech evolution speech is an interesting discussion to experience today as its predictions are insightful and accurate.