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Isabelle Mercier Explores Stress and Creativity in Her Talk on Worrying

 - Aug 17, 2017
References: tedxstanleypark & youtube
Isabelle Mercier starts out her talk on worrying by telling her audience about an experience she had as a child, when she was stressed out about a bully who was bothering her at school. During this time, she reacted by trying to hide, which led her to be more worried about the situation as time went on. However, when she confronted her problem, she found that she felt an immense sense of relief.

With this example, Mercier shows how refusing to tolerate situations that one doesn't desire can lead to more success, as it ensures that they don't make space to worry about problems that they aren't willing to deal with. In addition, Mercier states that people should always put their own happiness and well-being ahead of their worries, and to create rituals for themselves that help them to fulfill this.