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Tamara Beatty's Talk on Voice Breaks Down How to Reclaim One's Power

 - May 8, 2018
References: tedxualberta & youtube
Tamara Beatty, a voice coach, competitive athlete, and consultant, delivered a talk on voice for a TEDx event hosted by Edmonton's University of Alberta.

As someone whose work surrounds drawing out the qualities of a person's unique voice, Beatty has a lot of experience in interpreting the power of a strong and confident speaker. Although the ability to speak loudly and clearly can help a person to command attention in a room, she explains that it's just as important to maintain one's authenticity in the process. By balancing these different factors, a person is better able to deliver a meaningful and memorable message while representing their true self.

With her talk on voice, Beatty highlights the many different reasons that a person might not be able to find their voice, and how a person can help to get it back so that they can regain their confidence and take full advantage of the power that comes with it.