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In Her Talk on Uniqueness, Mariana Atencio Considers Her Childhood

 - Feb 22, 2017
References: marianaatencio & youtube
Mariana Atencio, a national correspondent for NBC News and MSNBC, explains how she came to have a more global perspective in her talk on uniqueness.

She starts out by explaining the opportunity she had as a child to go on a trip to America from Venezuela, where she was born. She attended a camp where she got to know children who didn't have much knowledge of her culture and treated her like an outsider because English was not her first language and she didn't have the same physical features as them. Like it would any child, this treatment hurt her feelings, however she decided to try to understand American culture the best that she could.

She and her family went to summer camps in eight different cities across the US and throughout her childhood, she learned that being an outsider in a sense is nothing to be ashamed of. When she was in high school, she was on the other side of this, when she wanted to fit in and didn't want to take the time to learn about a roommate she had, who was from Bahrain.

Throughout her talk on uniqueness, Mariana Atencio says it's important to acknowledge your own differences so that you can appreciate the special qualities of others and accept them. She was says that being open to others is the biggest strength that one can possess, as it enables them to navigate different experiences and have empathy.