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In His Talk on Turrets, Gardiner Comfort Explores the Importance of Community

 - May 16, 2017
References: gardinercomfort & youtube
Gardiner Comfort, an actor, writer, and teacher, explains how he was able to take control of his disorder by accepting it in his talk on turrets.

Comfort begins by talking about the many different ways how his disorder can affect others who are also diagnosed with it, however his "ticks" cause him to cough and make sneezing noises frequently. As he's always had to deal with his ticks in public, Comfort developed ways to be more accepting of it, and to start conversations surrounding it to bring awareness to what having turrets means. In addition, Comfort found that connecting to others with the same disorder created a much-needed sense of community for him, and allowed him to see the immense value of what others with it have to offer.

By letting himself be a part of something, Comfort was able to truly embrace himself for who he is, as well as those around him.