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Aakash Lonkar Considers the Power of Pets in His Talk on Therapy Dogs

 - Jan 18, 2017
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Aakash Lonkar, the director of the Animal Angels Foundation, gave a talk on therapy dogs to show just how beneficial they can be.

In addition to training dogs, Aakash Lonkar also teaches volunteers for the non-profit organization's Mumbai division. While it's certainly well-known that dogs make perfect companions, the benefits to one's well-being that can result from consistent interaction with them is lesser-known.

In his talk on therapy dogs, Aakash Lonkar shows that the animals can function as listeners and healers, as well as best friends. Before the Animal Angels Foundation got started, there was no research concerning the role of therapy dogs in psychological terms, however since the non-profit was formed, it has uncovered that a number of different illnesses can be reduced by pets.

In addition to providing children with special needs a chance to bond with animals, therapy dogs allow them to develop important skills like reading, public speaking and much more.