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Carrie Poppy Recounts Her Experiences in Her Talk on the Paranormal

 - Apr 11, 2017
References: ted & youtube
Carrie Poppy, an investigative journalist, tells her audience of the times she's dealt with spiritual activity in her talk on the paranormal. She begins by telling them of a time when she felt as though she was being watched at night, when she was 25 and living in Los Angeles. Things got more strange as the week went on, and she began to believe that she was being haunted.

Looking for answers, she found a group of ghost hunters online, who unlike many others, believed that all paranormal activities could be explained away with logical answers. When she explained what she was going through, they suggested that she get her home checked for carbon monoxide poisoning. Sure enough, the skeptical ghost hunters were right.

Poppy says that it's this experience that led her down her career path, where she often investigates claims surrounding the paranormal. Although she now believes that every case can be logically explained with science, she continues to hold the belief that it's of vital importance to respect the beliefs of those she interacts with, and to always have their permission before proceeding.

With her talk on the paranormal, Poppy shows the importance of remaining open-minded and compassionate, as this has enabled her to help those who might be dealing with mental health issues, and suggest that they get help if necessary.