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Joe Middleton's Talk on the Death Penalty Explores Mandatory Law

 - Feb 8, 2017
References: ted & youtube
Joe Middleton, a human rights activist who has worked internationally, shows his audience the detriments of mandatory sentencing in his talk on the death penalty.

By working to help abolish this law in a variety of countries through his work in Belize Central Prison, Joe Middleton has highlighted the issues that come with these sentences and how they effect society on multiple levels. Although the number of countries that still have these laws have fallen dramatically over the last few decades, there's still a great number that continue to enact these punishments.

Throughout his talk on the death penalty, Joe Middleton explains a few of the many different reasons that might lay behind a crime one commits, as well as the issues that arise when all people who are behind murder are sentenced identically. In summary, when courts don't take account of individual circumstances, they become inhumane and dangerous.