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Meron Gribetz’s Talk on Tech Reveals the Mind as an Operating System

 - Mar 21, 2016
During this talk on tech, Meron Gribetz introduces the latest augmentation headset, which is called 'Meta 2.' The breakthrough idea behind this device was to produce something that combined today's tech-based gamification of reality with human sensory.

The problem that many people have with technology is that screens present a wall that disrupts the communication between physical interactions. Gribetz realized that the negative factor wasn’t the digital information, it was the display position. His ultimate vision, which is Meta 2, is to create an operating system for the mind, not for a smartphone.

Gribetz believes that Meta 2 will eliminate the need for humans to alternate between technology and reality, by combining them. He introduces the audience to a new way of using technology and suggests that while today there are so many uses for virtual reality and augmentation headsets, eventually his device will be a glass strip worn in front of our eyes. This will encourage collaboration, interaction and proprioception.