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Sean Aggarwal's Talk on Success Discusses Three Defining Factors

 - Jul 2, 2015
In his talk on success, Sean Aggarwal explains the three simple behaviors he believes drives innovation and sets successful startups apart. The speaker uses other new ventures that avoided failure to illustrate his points, such as transportation network company Lyft and online residential real estate site Trulia.

Although traditional factors are important (like how hard entrepreneurs work or how smart they are), the talk on success describes how three other behaviors are more important. The most surprising is naivety. This involves leveraging limited experience and knowledge to ask different questions about the world. Acting urgently is the second key. The speaker discusses why failure today is better than success tomorrow. However, the most powerful behavior is obsession, or a singular focus that drives thought and action. Aggarwal asks the audience what their one thing is that they can get obsessed about.