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Henry Su's Talk on Self-Driving Explores Its Many Positive Impacts

 - May 8, 2018
References: tedxualberta & youtube
Henry Su, a Chemical Engineering student, delivered a talk on self-driving for a TEDx event hosted by the University of Alberta in Edmonton.

Su introduces his talk by taking a quick vote, asking his audience a series of questions to get them engaged in the topics he's about to dive into. With this, Su highlights the many benefits of the self-driving car, from dramatically improved safety measures, to a lesser impact on the environment. As he explains, self-driving will change the way of current commuting systems, city development, and even vehicle ownership. Although there are many benefits of self-driving to speak of, there are still risks that need to be assessed too.

Su explains a few of these risks, and considers how self-driving can be evolved to take care of these issues, and how consumer trust can be gained by the companies implementing it. With his talk on self-driving, Su highlights how the automotive industry will continue to be disrupted in the future, and the many benefits this has for consumers, as well as for companies like Lyft and Uber that are based on ride sharing.