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In His Talk on Schools, Charif Salman Considers Emotion

 - Jun 14, 2017
References: youtube
Charif Salman, a junior student at TASOK, shows his TEDx audience why emotional engagement is a key factor when it comes to learning in his talk on schools.

Salman begins by playing a short film that was created by Mike Lee Thomas, which speaks to the acceptance of individuals, and the need to battle injustice. Next, Salman considers how much time youth spend at school, as well as how their time spent there isn't helping them to reach their full potential due to the lack of emotional engagement that tends to exist there.

With his talk on schools, Salman shows that it's highly important for educators to share information regarding current pressing issues from around the world so that students can get a better understanding of privilege, and each person's ability to make a difference in the world.