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Michael Bierut Considers Libraries in His Talk on Reading

 - Jun 29, 2017
References: pentagram & youtube
Graphic designer Michael Bierut starts out his talk on reading by telling his audience of the "law of unintended consequences." As a designer, he says that he lives in fear of unintended consequences, as it's his job to ensure that accidents don't happen as a result of his work.

Bierut continues his talk on reading by explaining the architectural design of a library it was asked to work on, and his thought process when deciding how it could be rebranded. The challenge that he faced was to revitalize the very concept of a library, as it has taken on a drab meaning that's associated with boredom.

This resulted in a minimalist logo that replaced the "I" in library with an exclamation mark. Due to the simplicity of the design, it was able to be integrated everywhere. The next step was to supply the space with more visuals, which resulted in a series of stunning murals that allowed the children to be a part of the space they would occupy. Although this wasn't originally a part of his project, Bierut took the opportunity to modernize the space and give it a more dynamic brand.

By rebranding a traditional space, Bierut was part of a project that increased participation among children, which in turn caused them to develop a keen interest in reading. With this, Bierut shows the potential of unintended consequences, and the impact that innovative branding can have.