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Jennifer Granick's Talk on Privacy Considers the US Government

 - Sep 18, 2017
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Jennifer Granick, an attorney, begins her talk on privacy by acknowledging that today, almost everyone is an activist. She then continues by considering the important efforts of Black Lives Matter, pro-choice protestors, those who are fighting to maintain funding for public schools, and more.

With so many activists taking part in such efforts, Granick says that it's vital that they understand the surveillance techniques that the government is using to collect information on them, which can result in sensitive information being abused. She continues by showing some examples of this, such as the threats received by Martin Luther King Jr. after he delivered his iconic 'I Have a Dream' speech.

Although she states that government surveillance is needed to maintain national security to some degree, Granick's speech on privacy and the abuse of power shows that the monitoring of sensitive information needs to be democratic and transparent.