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This Talk on Political Divisions Considers Two Best Best Friends

 - Oct 3, 2017
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Caitlin Quattromani and Lauran Arledge, two best friends who lie on opposite sides of the political spectrum, describe how they've maintained a positive relationship after the 2016 election in their talk on political divisions.

Prior to this, they'd joke about politics, and even play pranks with one another to make the other seem like they support the other's views -- such as changing one's computer screensaver to feature Mitt Romney, or putting an Obama magnet on the other's car. During this time, they discussed that they didn't want to have any topics off limits, even if they knew they'd likely never agree. This enabled them to stop taking different opinions personally, and get a better idea of why a person might think the way they do.

In the post 2016 election political climate, Quattromani and Arledge have really had to test their bond, as they saw their activist efforts clash more than ever before. They found that they had to take more time to debate their motivations, which resulted in more respect for one another and a greater understanding of those opposing them. The two friends continue their talk on political divisions by describing the various issues they've had, and how they managed to overcome them by maintaining a respectful dialogue. With this, they show the importance of continuing this dialogue, and to always be curious of another's perspective to continue to learn.