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Jolanta Golanowska's Talk on Loneliness Considers Many Factors

 - Jul 21, 2017
References: ted & youtube
Jolanta Golanowska begins her talk on loneliness by describing the experience she had with a pickup artist, which opens up a discussion about the manipulation of social dynamics for personal gain.

By opening up her talk on loneliness with a personal story, Golanowska shows her audience how other aspects of manipulation have evolved throughout time, including advertisements. Throughout her talk, she breaks down a number of different print ads to show her audience how they use a practiced rhetoric to get consumers to think about a product in a certain way, and even associate them with emotional benefits.

By diving into these subjects, Golanowska shows how easy it can be to be manipulated, as well as how horrible it feels once one realizes it. With this, she demonstrates that it's important to leave situations that are abusive, even though it might open up one's insecurities and make them feel vulnerable for a short while.