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Jason Shen's Talk on Job Hunting Considers Ability Over Experience

 - Mar 27, 2018
References: jasonshen & youtube
Jason Shen, the CEO and cofounder of the performance platform Headlight, delivered a talk on job hunting for TED that communicates the best ways to showcase one's ability to a potential employer.

He begins his talk by considering how uncommon it's become for most university and college graduates to actually land a job that's directly related to their degree. This has generated some confusion for new grads, who are at a loss for how to express their level of experience for roles that they may not have directly worked within before. Often, this can lead to great candidates being overlooked, as hiring systems cause companies to miss out on people with amazing potential.

To address this issue, Shen has conducted research and landed on conclusions that may help with the problem. The first is to expand searches and look for talent in new places. The second is hire for performance, which is easy with platforms like Headlight that allow candidates to demonstrate their ability with samples. The third is to get an understanding of the bigger picture, and to consider what might have affected someone's application, rather than labeling them as a "job hopper" or making other judgments.

With his talk on job hunting, Shen shows employers how they can improve the quality of the candidates they meet with, and how applicants can stand out.