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John Paul Dejoria's Talk on Individuality Highlights the Ability of One

 - Jan 25, 2017
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To start off his talk on individuality, John Paul Dejoria of 'John Paul Mitchell Systems' and 'The Patrón Spirits Company,' points out that masses are all made up of singular people, however the power of just one can be immense.

He says that the majority of people tend to wait for those around them to do something before they take part, but they often forget their own power and the influence they hold. Throughout his talk on individuality, John Paul Dejoria tells his audience what they can do to harness this, so that can truly make a difference in the world.

His first point surrounds the value of work ethic, as doing the best one can do without a superior watching is what earns them respect and drives people to go beyond their boundaries. By imagining all that they can do, a person is able to expand their horizons immensely. In short, John Paul Dejoria tells his audience to be confident of the power of their own ability and to use it consistently.