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Duarte Geraldino's Talk on Immigration Debate Considers Social Circles

 - Oct 6, 2017
References: america.aljazeera & youtube
Duarte Geraldino, a journalist and a former financial analystst who worked on Wall Street, begins his talk on immigration debate by telling his audience about the time that he and his mother went to go and see the Statue of Liberty. When he saw what he called "the green lady," he was a little terrified at first, however he soon learned of its symbolic relevance to the nation he called home.

Through this introduction, he dives into how much of the United State's culture has been shaped by those who came from overseas, and how their invaluable involvement should not be up for debate in today's political climate. Geraldino continues his talk by considering the bigger picture, as he examines how the stress of possible deportation effects social circles.

Throughout his talk on immigration debate, Geraldino asks his audience to think about the value that immigration offers to the United States and other nations, as well as to remember how the foreign-born in their social circles have impacted them personally.