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In Her Talk on Identity Theft, Madhumita Murgia Considers Her Loss

 - May 25, 2017
References: tedxexeter & youtube
Madhumita Murgia, a speaker, editor, and journalist who currently holds the position of the European Technology Correspondent at the Financial Times, unveils her disturbing experience with data trackers in her talk on identity theft.

She starts out by telling her audience virtually everything about herself, from her name to her opinions and habits surrounding housework. At the end of this description, she reveals that data trackers were able to discover all of these details about her without her consent, which happened after she wrote about their capabilities in an article for WIRED Magazine.

Throughout her talk on identity theft, Murgia considers how many details one gives away just by having a passive presence online, and how companies track their personal data for profit. She also targets the myth of online anonymity, and how people give up various details about themselves by simply providing things like their postal code.

By demonstrating just how vulnerable they are, Murgia inspires her audience to start to reclaim their data and demand to be payed for it, so that they have more control of where it goes, and prevent third parties from profiting from their information. Unfortunately, she reveals that this won't be possible until the data economy matures, and the power is given back to the individual.