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In Her Talk on Hospice Care, Kathy Hull Discusses Its Benefits

 - Mar 27, 2017
References: ted & youtube
Kathy Hull, a pediatric psychologist, delivers a talk on hospice care for TED, in which she discusses the draws of removing terminally ill children from ICUs and placing them into comfortable spaces, where they can more easily enjoy the time they have left. Her mission is to give these children and their families "a peaceful place to say goodbye."

In addition to providing these people with an environment that's conducive to bonding and relaxation, Hull explains throughout her talk on hospice care that these environments have the potential to benefit the health of the terminally ill.

Hull has experienced these benefits herself, as she has seen over 1,200 children come through the George Mark Children's House, "the first freestanding pediatric palliative care facility in the United States," which she founded.

Throughout her talk, she recounts the inspiring stories of some of the families she's developed deep bonds with. She concludes by saying: "We cannot change the outcome, but we can change the journey. Isn't it time to recognize that children deserve nothing less than our most uncompromising bravery and or wildest imagination?"