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Tammera Holmes Explores Programs in Her Talk on Greatness

 - Aug 2, 2017
References: tammeralholmes & youtube
Tammera L. Holmes, a motivational speaker who aims to empower both youth and adults who've been positioned in unfavorable circumstances to reach their potential, starts out her talk on greatness by telling her audience that she gets kids "high." By this, she means that she shows them new ways to fulfill their needs in a positive way, rather than engaging in problematic behavior.

Throughout her talk on greatness, Holmes considers different behavioral issues, the American public school system, and much more. While it's well known that the US' educational system is in need of improvement, Holmes demonstrates that even small programs can greatly inspire those who grow up in the inner-city. With her talk on greatness, Holmes demonstrates the importance of after school programs, as well as the importance of enrolling youth in them.