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Caroline Harper's Talk on Global Mapping Highlights Trachoma

 - Jul 10, 2018
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Sightsavers international NGO Caroline Harper gave a TED Talk on global mapping, leading efforts to eliminate completely avoidable blindness caused by trachoma and to fight for equal rights. Trachoma causes eyelashes to grow inwards, causing damage to corneas and slowly leading to blindness.

The bacterial infection is passed by flies, affecting two million people in the world, with as many as 200 million people still at risk. Harper talks about how this is a very old disease, with evidence found on the walls of a tomb in Northern Sudan. Specializing in global mapping, Harper finds a way to use her skill to impact those affected by the disease all over the world.

Calling on personal interactions and heartwrenching stories of those struggling with the disease, Harper explains in her talk on global mapping how driven she is to help with so many other intractable problems in the world -- why not solve one that seems to have a resolution.