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In Her Talk on Film, Alicia Malone Highlights Why Perspective Matters

 - Jul 7, 2017
References: tedxbend & youtube
Alicia Malone, a film critic, reporter, writer, and TV host, starts out her talk on film by telling her audience about the first time she saw a motion picture in theaters.

This introduction to film ignited Malone's interest in the industry, which eventually led her to the realization that it's disproportionately dominated by men. Despite the fact that film school graduates are an even split between men and women, the "male gaze" continues to be perpetuated in film due to the saturation of male directors. Although some might argue that entertainment doesn't have that much of an impact on a societal level, Malone explains that a lack of diversity in perspective can lead to body image issues in young girls and much more.

With her talk on film, Malone highlights the lack of opportunity that women have in the industry, and the problems that result from its perpetuation of only one perspective.