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Susan Gregg Koger’s Talk on Fashion Proves Inexperience Can Lead to Success

 - Mar 10, 2016
During her talk on fashion and business, Susan Gregg Koger elaborates on her personal process and describes how she created an online clothing business from scratch. Using her experiences, she explains that beginning as a rookie in a highly established industry sharpened her uniqueness.

This talk urges listeners to embrace the idea of being a ‘newbie.’ She stresses that asking the small questions -- and daring to take alternative paths that might not necessarily exist -- are a few reasons why her company is successful today.

One key message that Koger conveys is that listening to what consumers have to say is essential. However, taking action and showing consumers that their voices are heard and taken into consideration is perhaps even more important than listening. There are a variety of other takeaways woven throughout this talk on fashion, which can be extremely beneficial for entrepreneurs, small businesses and start-up companies.