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Elizabeth Streb's Talk on Extreme Action is Charismatic & Motivational

 - Oct 30, 2018
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Elizabeth Streb's talk on extreme action is incredibly motivational and inspiring. The speaker is an extreme action and hardware architect who has been fascinated with defying gravity and overcoming that which prevents humans to do so. Throughout her career, Streb has pushed the limits of the human body, attempting to pinpoint and redefine the fear from pain. Early on, the action specialist realized that the reason why people didn't attempt to fly was because they were "attached to that false idea that [they] could fly the way birds [...] or butterflies [do]." Another factor, of course, is the obvious fear of pain. However, during her talk on extreme action, Elizabeth Streb attempts to redefine that as well by reffering to "pain" as "another rather interesting, foreign sensation."

Of course, to learn how to fly, one needs to learn how to land. The speaker's entire career has been dedicated to figuring out this fundamental component of human flight. Thus, she has experimented profusely with it. As she got better at landing, the professional began her company — STREB EXTREME ACTION. To better depict their exceptional ventures in the quest of defying gravity, Elizabeth shows clips of wonderous mechanisms and impeccable bravery during her talk on extreme action.

As the collective progressed, they built their own "spaceships" to help them fly. This hardware was brought on tour to assist the group as they generated impressive performances around the world. One of the most noteworthy outings of the STREB EXTREME ACTION company was in 2012 in London, where the group performed in the "most iconic places" in the city.

The talk on extreme action also shares where Elizabeth's company is today. They have established a point of contact with various, diverse groups — "every size, shape, age, capacity, every nationality, every race, every class, all genders, the timid and the bold, the outcast and the cool, the risk avoiders and the risk obsessives," through a space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Called the 'SLAM: STREB Lab for Action Mechanics,' the establishment offers lessons, training, and a place for experimentation with flying to the public.