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Prosanta Chakrabarty's Talk on Evolution Focuses on Fish

 - Jul 19, 2018
References: ted & youtube
Ichthyologist Prosanta Chakrabarty delivered a talk on evolution for TED that considers the journey to human existence, beginning with fish.

As an educator, Chakrabarty has had to dispel a lot of myths regarding evolution, such as the habit people have of referring to it as a theory, rather than a hard fact that can be proven just as easily as the concept of gravity. In addition, he says that many people are under the wrongful impression that humans are the goal of evolution, rather than just another step to the creation of a species that's more advanced and better adapted to the world that hosts it.

By considering the roots of humanity and the 8 million other species that share the earth with homo sapiens, Chakrabarty presents a humbling view of life, and shows how deep these connections run and will continue to evolve.