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In His Talk on Enjoyment, Mike Markham Considers His Unique Career Path

 - May 2, 2017
References: ted & youtube
Mike Markham, a professional ring announcer who's also worked in broadcasting, describes the many battles he's faced throughout his life and career, and what he's done to overcome them in his talk on enjoyment.

He starts out by explaining the beginning of his career, when he had to take odd jobs that very paid little to get by. He spent most of his time trying to maintain work and developing connections that might push him forward. Despite how difficult it's been at times, Markham's always had a passion for his work, and the people behind it, which enabled him to remain positive throughout his journey and eventually find success. He says that a big part of this is understanding and accepting that sometimes the opinions of others aren't always going to be consistent with what an individual wants for themselves.

Throughout his talk on enjoyment, Markham shows his audience the importance of stepping out of their comfort zones to truly enable themselves to find their path in life, and to always put their vision first so that they don't end up regretting their choices down the road.