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Anindya Kundu's Talk on Disadvantaged Students Considers Mentors

 - Oct 24, 2017
References: ted & youtube
Anindya Kundu, an educator, sociologist, and writer, begins his talk on disadvantaged students by telling his audience about how he likes to leave his office open so that students can come to him and chat about any issues they might be having.

One student who came to him felt like he would be an outsider at NYU, where only about 5% of those enrolled identify as black. As one of the few faculty members of color at the school he teaches at, Kundu understood some of the anxieties he had.

Although this student was keen to persevere despite his feelings of being an outsider, Kundu explains the importance of supporting these students, rather than expecting them to always have to rise above the expectations that tend to be placed on others.

Most specifically, Kundu considers the impact of educators, and how it is a social role that allows them to act as vital mentors to those who need them.