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In His Talk on Diet, Eric Berg Considers the Need for Quality

 - Jun 6, 2017
References: ted & youtube
Eric Burg, the Associate Head of the Department of Animal Sciences at NDSU, highlights how the United States, as well as different parts of the rest of the world, have grown to unhealthy weights in just the span of two generations in his talk on diet.

He starts out by examining the impact of the "greasy burgers" that come from fast food restaurants, which are often looked down upon by those looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Although eating empty carbohydrates in excess can lead to weight gain, he shows that different types of nutrients break down in the body in diverse ways.

Although there's a vast range of research regarding the obesity epidemic, Burg's talk on diet shows that traditional weight loss methods can lead to chronic fatigue and unhappiness, as well as a rise in the risk of getting diabetes. With this, Burg shows the importance of consuming nutrient-dense foods, and to maintain quality over quantity when considering it.