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Nikki Webber Allen's Talk on Depression Explores the Effects of Shame

 - Nov 9, 2017
References: ted & youtube
Nikki Webber Allen, a multimedia producer, delivers a talk on depression for TED.

She begins by telling her audience a little about the anxiety that she deals with, and how that "overwhelming sense of doom" can sometimes arise in the most unexpected occasions. As someone who's been diagnosed with generalized anxiety and depression, Allen used to find it difficult to express this to anyone, as she considered it to be a sign of weakness, or a character flaw that would hinder her. This sense of shame came in part from a sense of guilt that she carried, as she didn't feel that she was even worthy of having her diagnosis due to the privileges she had.

Although this stigma kept Allen silent for years, she found that researching depression and the affects it has on different people enabled her to understand just how deeply it was affecting her life.This inspired her to share her story, in hopes of enabling others to seek out therapy so that they could heal. With her talk on depression, Allen aims to motivate others who might be hiding their diagnosis in fear of looking weak by encouraging them to confide in their loved ones and speak about their struggles in order to break the stigma.