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In His Talk on Cybercrime, Caleb Barlow Considers Problems with Security

 - Feb 16, 2017
References: securityintelligence & youtube
Caleb Barlow, Vice President of IBM Security, highlights how insufficient today's security measures are in dealing with hackers in his talk on cybercrime.

He starts out by highlighting the most concerning issues involved with these cases, such as the fact that it usually takes months for a loss of stolen data to even be reported. An example of this is when 100 million Americans had their health insurance data taken by thieves. He says that issues like these need to be taken more seriously in order to curb the rate at which crimes take place, however companies are unwilling to do so as they're afraid of what it will do to their image.

Throughout his talk on cybercrime, Caleb Barlow explains that this industry is growing quickly, as sharing information online has become so simple. In addition, criminals have created more legitimate-seeming fronts to obtain important information from unsuspecting people. In order for this to end, Caleb Barlow says that "we need to change the economics for the bad guys."

To do so, these cases need to be treated like a health care crisis, where professionals analyze who is being affected and how it is spreading it. If governments, private institutions and more respond collectively and make it known how people can combat these attacks quickly, the number of threats will decrease.