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Nighat Dad's Talk on Cyber Harassment Helplines in Pakistan

 - Jun 8, 2018
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Nighat Dad, leader of the Digital Rights Foundation in Pakistan, gave a talk on cyber harassment and how Pakistani women are actively taking back internet rights that have been stripped away in the past years. Dad studied online harassment with a specialty in patriarchal cultures that are similar to her small village in Pakistan.

Dad starts the speech by painting a picture of the current technological state for women in her hometown, stating that cyber harassment is an everyday occurrence that has now become the norm. The type of harassment women in Pakistan face is different than those of the Western world, taking a very serious turn that often leads to deadly outcomes. This harassment keeps women from accessing the internet, oppressing them and stripping the right to knowledge and public education. Instead of questioning patriarchal structures, Dad decided to start the Digital Rights Foundation to address issues and experiences women face online.

Nighat Dad ends her talk on cyber harassment by explaining the true need for technological freedom for women, lobbying for free and safe internet use while convincing young women that the internet is a fundamental and basic human right. Dad spends her time fighting for equality and internet access, showing the world that internet is knowledge and knowledge is freedom.