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The David Segal talk on customer service discusses his New York Times column 'Haggler,' which...

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David Segal’s Talk on Customer Service Praises the Use of Social Media

 - Mar 30, 2016
References: vimeo
During this talk on customer service, David Segal presents his support for the use of social media regarding brand and consumer relationships. Segal’s New York Times column titled ‘Haggler,’ often depicts how companies have ignored customer inquiries or consumer dissatisfaction altogether.

However, this talk uses one particular company as a benchmark to achieving impeccable customer service. A company called 'Quicken Loans' hosts quarterly conferences for new employees to instill the importance of treating each customer with professional, timely and authentic interactions.

While this talk about customer service doesn’t bring ground-breaking new revelations to the table, the story told by Segal is extremely effective. The way he conveys his talk is not only inspiring, but it proves that the smallest efforts can have the greatest impacts. Whether a company is responding to each and every message on Twitter or ensuring all inbound calls are returned by the end of each day, the way a brand interacts with a customer is a defining factor in success.