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David Russell's Talk on Currency on Time Credits and Equality

 - Jan 6, 2015
References: youtu.be
In his talk on currency, David Russell asks people to reconsider the economy. The speaker explains the concept of the core economy, which is built on reciprocity. Rather than using money to give value to things, the idea behind Russell's company Spice rejects the notion of attaching money to important things. Instead of valuing money, the core economy values love, passion, time and skills.

The talk on currency discusses a second kind called time credits. For every hour you give you earn a printed time credit. People can use their time credit in participating locations where Spice has spend partners. This could be anything from a museum visit to a night of bowling.

Russell notes creating a new currency is straightforward, but changing mindsets is challenging. Questioning who should be allowed to participate in the various activities time credits pay for also involves questioning why they should be able to.