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In Her Talk on Conservation, Lana Mazahreh Considers a Global Crisis

 - Jan 27, 2018
References: ted & youtube
Lana Mazahreh, an environmentalist, delivered a talk on conservation at TED, focusing on the severe drought in Cape Town, South Africa, which was recently brought to the attention of the media. Mazahreh begins her talk by considering some of her personal experiences, as someone who grew up in Jordan. She continues by considering the three most important ways that people can conserve water.

The first is telling people just how much water they really have, so that they're more aware of the amount they're using, and how much their town or city really has. This creates a sense of urgency, as well as a sense of community, as people are more likely to take action when this transparency is there.

The second point Mazahreh makes concerns empowering people to save water, by offering them products like efficient shower heads that make conservation easier.

The final point Mezahreh mentions is the need to "look below the surface," and find ways to save water that might be less obvious. She mentions the Marina Barrage in Singapore, an urban water catchment that simultaneously acts as a beautiful attraction. Another point she brings up is the recycling of waste water in Namibia.

With her talk on water conservation, Mazahreh inspires her audience to think more consciously and make small but significant changes to their everyday routines.