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Ozwald Boateng's Talk on Confidence Opens Up the Definition of the Word

 - Jul 26, 2017
References: ozwaldboateng & youtube
Ozwald Boateng, a well-renowned fashion designer who's based out of London, England, begins his talk on confidence with a clip that shows him trying to explain exactly what the word means. As this short clip that introduces his talk shows, confidence can be considered in a variety of different ways, and can hold a diverse range of value to each individual. In addition to expanding on the often limited definition that confidence is often given, Boateng readies his audience to have an open mind.

Throughout his talk on confidence, Boateng answers questions regarding different types of self expression, and often links his background in fashion design to his understanding of it. With this, Boateng shows that each person needs to find their own sense of confidence by empowering themselves on their journey, and that the word can often hold different weights on personal and global levels.