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Leah Lam's Talk on Communication Explores the Value of Debate

 - Feb 1, 2017
References: ted & youtube
Leah Lam, a student government leader at Mountain View High School, explores her own experience as a public speaker and a debate competitor in her talk on communication.

She starts out by explaining a conversation she recently had with a friend, who told her that spending time with her was "mentally engaging" in a way she doesn't usually experience. Leah Lam exposes that they didn't talk about anything especially interesting that day, as they simply talked about life and continued to ask each other deeper questions. In doing so, they did away with the restrictions that often obstruct meaningful communication, like the cues people often resort to in order to move a conversation forward.

In her talk on communication, Leah Lam explains the importance of doing this on a regular basis, rather than just in the context of a classroom. She says this is especially vital in America's increasingly politically divided society, as people are often weary of continuing a talk that might not necessarily align with their own views. While it's natural to feel vulnerable while engaging in a conversation with someone who holds vastly different opinions, it's necessary to continue these intellectual conversations so that one's judgement isn't clouded by a single strain of thought.