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Petter Johansson's Talk on Choice Blindness Considers Political Impacts

 - Apr 17, 2018
References: & youtube
Experimental psychologist Petter Johansson delivered a talk on choice blindness for TED.

In his talk, Johansson highlights the concept of believing one is getting what they want, even when they really aren't. He introduces this by considering a number of different choices people could make, and highlights that although people have the ability to genuinely believe in their reasoning, it's important to challenge their perceptions in order to expose their true thinking. Often times, people's choices can be manipulated, and they will then come up with new ways to explain their decisions. To show this, Johansson goes over some of the experiments he's done to research choice blindness, which have ranged from consumer studies, taste and smell tests, and perceptions of attractiveness.

He continues by examining the impact that choice blindness can have on a person's political views, and shows how different factors can subtly but significantly manipulate their beliefs, and even get them to function as a spokesperson for views they previously thought the opposite of. By exposing these experiments, Johansson shows the importance of considering different perspectives, as well as the need for awareness of the various levels of manipulation that might affect someone.