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In Her Talk on Body Image, Tiffany Stewart Considers Function

 - Jun 7, 2017
References: ted & youtube
Tiffany Stewart starts out her talk on body image with an interesting question for her audience: "Would you exercise if you thought it would not impact your appearance?"

She then goes on to explain the pressure western culture puts on people to constantly strive for youthfulness and perfection, and how it stigmatizes those who don't fit into the preconceived ideals that govern so many. Although exercise is vital in maintaining a healthy body, too many people have placed its entire value on the ability to change their appearance. Stewart says that this dissatisfaction has been normalized, and caused people to value "form over function."

By considering the unhealthy obsession with their bodies that have so many developed due to societal pressures, Stewart's talk on body image urges people to place more value on the changes in performance that physical training can bring. With this, she shows the need for people to change their mindsets and focus on healthy behavior so that they can develop the functional capabilities of their bodies -- which impact how they feel and what they can do.