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Hadi Eldebek's Talk on Artists Considers a New Platform for Them

 - Apr 10, 2018
References: ted & youtube
Hadi Eldebek, an entrepreneur, educator and musician, delivered a talk on artists for a TED event, in which he discusses how society can support them through online platforms so that they can do what they love without having to accept a life of financial stress and hardship.

Eldebek opens up his talk on artists by considering his own experiences as a musician, noting the skepticism he faced from his family when he decided to leave school and pursue his passion. Although he accepts wholeheartedly that it's a challenge to work as an artist, he believes that it's time that the idea of the starving artist is evolved.

To show the importance of the arts on society, Eldebek considers things from an economical standpoint first, showing that the non-profit arts industry generates $166 billion for the US, and employs 5.7 million people. Apart of this, he shows how the arts speak to a cultural value on many levels.

In order to bring more value to artists, Eldebek says that online platforms are the ideal solution. Specifically he speaks to the platform he's developed, called grantPA. The innovative platform uses technology to match artists with grants and funding opportunities that are available to them, so that they can focus on their creative work rather than taking other jobs to survive. In addition, Eldebek highlights the need for society to change its perception of artists, and place more value on the cultural impact they can have.