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Tom Gruber's Talk on AI Shows How Technology Can Help Memory

 - Sep 11, 2017
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Tom Gruber, an American computer scientist who co-founded Siri Inc., begins his talk on AI by telling his audience that he believes the purpose of evolving smart technology is to empower humans, rather than to take their place. He continues by stating that AI plays a significant role in improving human intelligence as a result.

Next, Gruber considers the role of Siri in this, and how it's made technology easier to use for all consumers. Although the convenience that Siri brings to navigating devices is useful for all, Gruber shows that its impact has been much more meaningful to people like his friend Daniel, who is blind and paraplegic. As this makes using electronic devices a challenge, Siri has given Daniel the ability to manage a social life online. By considering the many different barriers that AI can help consumers to overcome, Gruber shows how it will continue to enable consumers to overcome their cognitive limitations, regardless of their individual circumstances.