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Quinta Brunson's Talk on Advertising Speaks to Its Problems

 - Jan 10, 2017
References: ted & youtube
In her talk on advertising titled 'I Like Myself, America and You Can't Stop Me,' Quinta Brunson describes how growing up around the limited societal expectations that continue to be perpetuated by the media caused her to lose love for herself.

She says she started noticing this at the age of 18, after she had been subjected to countless ads that aimed to tell her she wasn't "cute enough" or "Disney channel enough" so that they could sell a certain beauty standard or a lifestyle that simply wasn't achievable. When she realized how deeply influenced she was by consumerism, she was disturbed with what looked back at her in the mirror. She considered her face and hair to no longer be hers, but rather, the product of what was constantly promoted to her.

In her talk on advertising, Quinta Brunson explains that she then decided to relearn herself in order to find love for her natural state. While this process was no easy task, she enabled herself to do so by becoming critical of the sponsored content that she was always bombarded with. She goes on to break-down ads, showing the problematic phrases and imagery that they use to send a silent message that has the potential to be incredibly detrimental over time. In addition, she considers the adverse effects of reality television and figures like Kylie Jenner.