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In His Talk on Addiction, Dax Justin Explores the Merits of Nature

 - Feb 8, 2017
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Throughout his talk on addiction, Dax Justin, a Canadian explorer and professional landscape photographer, says that he managed to maintain his sobriety by strengthening his relationship with the earth.

He begins by telling his audience of his near-death experience. What led him to this was a sequence of bad decisions, which caused him to associate with addicts and criminals, and exposed him to potentially lethal chemicals and illegal firearms. Luckily, he had a family who supported him and he was given a second chance at life, after he had been found unconscious with a cocktail of drugs circulating his system.

When he made the choice to understand his addiction, he chose to distance himself from it as much as he could. Through this, he discovered that the the opposite of addiction is connection, and this is what caused him to develop his appreciation for all the living spirits that nature has to offer. He explains his journey as a sort of cleansing, as felt revitalized in energy and was compelled to keep exploring. He continues to explain the "wildhood" that resulted from this in his talk on addiction, and how it enabled him to find his true passion and never look back.