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Luke Fox Explains His Mother's Harmful Actions in His Talk on Abuse

 - Jan 19, 2017
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While growing up, Luke Fox endured a lot of trauma by the hand of his mother, which he describes in his emotional talk on abuse.

He starts out by explaining the pathological lies his mother constantly uttered to him, as well as what she did to get money from the state. While growing up, he struggled to live in a reality that was created by his paranoid mother, who he says made his life painful and stressful. Throughout his talk on abuse, Luke Fox explains how he managed to cope with the contrasting environments of home and school, as well as the problems that came from this.

In an attempt to escape from the reality that had been created for him, Luke Fox even attempted suicide. Eventually, he found that talking about his problems helped him to heal and uncovered the sense of power one can gain from advocacy.