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Christophe Fauconnier's Talk About Social Business Explains Archetypes

 - Aug 27, 2016
In his talk about social business, Christophe Fauconnier describes the archetypes companies need to turn businesses into meaningful brands. The three unlikely "mentors" work together to humanize ventures and solve societal problems while also achieving growth and scale.

The first mentor outlined in the talk about social business is the magician, who has the ability to shift mindsets from a world that is to a world that could be. The speaker states we can all be magicians and gives the example of Nelson Mandela as someone who imagined a different and better South Africa. He also offered a business example of a transportation business that brought reliable and affordable transport to rural Africans who could it was more dangerous getting to the hospital than being treated there.

The second archetype is that of the game designer, who unlocks our capacities to contribute. His biggest job to engage emotionally and motivate people to achieve their goals while also achieving his. TEDx is an example of this.

The activist is the third mentioned in the talk about social business. He provides courage and unlocks "the power of we" so people can collectively make a difference.