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Emily Esfahani Smith's Talk About Meaning Explores Fleeting Happiness

 - Oct 1, 2017
In her talk about meaning, Emily Esfahani Smith answers some of life's big questions, like is there more to being happy? And what is the difference between happiness and having meaning?

The speaker explains how many psychologists define happiness as a state of comfort and ease and feeling good in the moment. Despite our culture's obsession with feeling happy, studies have shown that pursuing happiness can actually make you unhappy. Even though life is getting objectively better, more people feel hopeless, depressed and alone, which comes from having a lack of meaning in life.

Meaningfulness comes from belonging to and serving something greater than yourself and developing the best within you. The talk about meaning describes four pillars you can build to feel more fulfilled: belonging (from relationships springing from love), purpose (using your strengths to serve others), transcendence and storytelling (the story you tell yourself about yourself).