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Suzanne Case's Talk About Literature is on Preventing Global Problems

 - Mar 31, 2016
In her talk about literature, Suzanne Case draws links between reading literary fiction and preventing the next financial crisis. The banker and English lit grad believes reading literature increases empathy and can help us solve many challenges not just in banking, but in the world at-large.

The speaker compares Mobey Dick to the 2008 recession and says Ahab's reckless behavior acts as a "prophesy into our madness today." The talk about literature explains how bankers didn't live up to people's trust and became obsessed with own missions and ignored dangers. This group-think culture of homogenized and unchallenged decision-making led to disastrous results empathy could have curtailed. The speaker believes the solution is what she calls the Melville Effect: "the measurable, positive impact on empathy of reading literary fiction for only a few minutes."