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Fred Swaniker's Talk About Leadership on African Entrepreneurship

 - Oct 29, 2014
In his talk about leadership, Fred Swaniker discusses how important good leadership is for Africa's future. Citing historical examples, the speaker states one good leader makes all the difference for the continent and that it would rise or fall based on the quality of its leadership.

More than anywhere else in the world, the difference on good leader can make in Africa is greater. This is because of their weak institutions. The talk about leadership says when societies have strong institutions, the difference one good leader can make is limited.

The speaker identifies three generations of leaders. The 1950s and 60s brought independence, but the following generation of leadership brought havoc, warfare and human rights abuses. The third generation was a stabilizing one as leaders cleaned up these messes and stopped fighting. Now, Africa is growing for the first time. The speaker believes the next generation has a unique opportunity to transform the continent, by creating prosperity and creating stronger institutions.