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The Colin Wright talk about intentionality discusses the speaker's minimalist lifestyle approach.... Need Inspiration?

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Colin Wright's Talk About Intentionality is on Authenticity

 - Aug 20, 2016
In his talk about intentionality, Colin Wright explains how to live a life that reflects the best version of yourself. The writer shares a glimpse into his own lifestyle, which involves moving every four months to a new country, which is determined by his blog readers. For a living, he writes books on a wide variety of subjects.

The talk about intentionality discusses purpose, which requires having a goal and examining all aspects of your life to see if they are helping you achieve it. Often referred to as minimalism, this philosophy is about focusing on matters of core importance and getting rid of the excess in order to free up more time, energy and resources for the things that matter to you. The speaker suggests applying this mentality to the core components of a healthy lifestyle -- the stuff and material things you surround yourself with, relationships and the work you do.